How It Works

How Your Organic Fruit and Veggie Club Works

We've strived to make our Organic Fruit & Veggie Club not only the best in town, but one of the easiest to join and enjoy as well.

Here's how everything works:

Of course, the first thing you do is sign up! It's quick and painless: Either join online using our secure order form or call us directly at 877-218-7662. We'll take care of the rest.

There's no membership fee , and shipping and handling is included in the price! You can cancel anytime you want with no penalties whatsoever.

Order 4 weeks and get the 5th week half off. (It's our way of saying “Thanks!”)

Depending upon your preferences, you'll receive your organic produce box weekly or bi-weekly.
We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9AM - 8PM.

The Family Pack comes loaded with 20 – 25 lbs of the freshest 100% pesticide and chemical free organic produce obtainable, split between organic fruits and organic vegetables. As the name says – this is intended for 2 or more people. Expect to receive 3 to 5 kinds of exceptional quality organic fruits, along with 6 to 9 kinds of the same outstanding quality organic vegetables.

Because each type of fruit and vegetable has their own season – we can't take or fill particular orders for specific organic fruits or vegetables . When I choose a week's selections, every fruit and vegetable that goes into that carton is at the peak of ripeness and nutrition.

(This is the only time the customer doesn't come first with us – Mother Nature takes the lead.)

Delivery: If you're in our neighborhood, your order will be carried directly to your doorstep on one of our own trucks. Otherwise, it'll come fresh, nutritious and on time by UPS.

This is important: Payment is billed to your credit or debit card a day or two before your order is shipped. If you're going to be away, or for some reason prefer to skip a shipment – no problem! Just call us at our toll free number to cancel by 9AM the Monday before delivery . If you prefer – send us an email at: (Make sure you give us your name, address, and telephone number when corresponding!)

It's that simple!  

But please remember: You must contact us for all cancellations or you'll be responsible for the order.

With each carton of fresh organic fruits and veggies you receive, we'll also include our delicious recipe suggestions . Not only that, but you'll also get our exclusive newsletter with details about what you're receiving, helpful hints, announcements, plus… contributions from our community of customers and friends. (So if you ever wanted to share that ‘special dish' with the world – here's your chance!)

Last but certainly not least is our no-nonsense "200% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" PROMISE:

You're going to find every selection in your organic produce delivery box to be the absolute finest & freshest organic fruit and vegetable varieties available.

If you ever find your organic produce delivery failing to live up to your expectations, if our standards have failed you in any way - let me know. The next two organic produce delivery cartons will be on me – or say the word and I'll refund DOUBLE your money instead. It'll be your choice. Fair enough?

So, as my dear friends in the diamond district would say:

Mazel and Brocha!

Sam the Fruit Man
Founder, New York Organic Fruit & Veggie Club