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Dear lover of natural foods,

Remember when tomatoes actually tasted like tomatoes – instead of bland, red pieces of wet pulp? When your carrots came bursting with color and flavor, and biting into an ripe, sweet, firm apple was the next best thing to paradise? (OK – maybe not paradise – but pretty close!)

It’s when farms were smaller, farmers were actually working their own land… and the soil was replenished by nature and careful planning - not with chemicals and pesticides.

The huge corporate ‘factory farms’ of today produce a lot of food – yes. But at what cost? What good is a pear that doesn’t taste like a pear, or spinach that has almost all the iron depleted from its leaves?

Hi, I’m Sam Cohen of the Organic Fruit & Veggie Club. But everyone in the neighborhood knows me as
Sam – The Fruit Man. And you know what – I love it!

I love being known as “The Fruit Man” because I love fresh fruits and vegetables. I love their color, their
texture, their incredible aroma and taste. But most of all, I love the way organic fruits and vegetables are practically erupting with nutrients. When I make a salad with my fresh organic lettuce, cilantro and celery – I know I’m getting the best nature has to offer. Not some store bought wilted wreck filled with toxins and sprayed with poisons.

My family’s been dealing in the green market since they came over from the old country. And I’m proud to be continuing in that tradition. But I have to be honest – I’m not proud to see what’s become of our
modern supermarket produce. I sometimes feel they could stock painted wax models in place of the stuff they sell – and no one would taste or even notice the difference.

That’s why I started the Organic Fruit & Veggie Club – to bring back those days when eating was more than a hurried necessity – it was a pleasure one shared with family and friends, bringing both health and happiness.

all produce is certified organic

USDA Organic Seal CCOF Organic Seal

100% Certified Organically Grown

The fruits and vegetables you’ll enjoy from us are 100% organic – certified by the USDA. Everything is grown on organic farmers' cooperatives and individual farms. In fact, whenever we can, we choose local farms – simply because we get to know the farmers in person – seeing first hand how they grow and treat their crops in harmony with nature.

Plus, with local farms organic vegetable delivery and organic fruit delivery can be made immediately – insuring you’ll be enjoying the freshest produce possible.

What this means for you is this:

The organically grown fruits and vegetables you’ll soon be eating are absolutely pesticide and chemical fertilizer free. If nature didn’t make it – you won’t find it on or in our produce.

Now of course there are other places where you can buy organic foods and produce – and even order
over the web. But here’s something you won’t find with any of them:

Me – Sam the Fruit Man

I personally hand select which organic fruits and vegetables will go into every one of our baskets and cartons. I either go to the farmers themselves – or inspect their produce as it arrives for sale. And let me assure you – if I feel the quality isn’t up to my selective standards, it never finds its way to your table. (And I’m well known for being… well let me put it kindly: A real picky and demanding buyer. If I’m shown something that’s not the cream of the crop, I don’t hesitate to let ‘em know my dissatisfaction.)

From My Hands to Yours

After I select which organically grown fruits and vegetables are good enough for my customers, my own
people repack them into individual cartons to ship off. If a cantaloupe is bruised – it gets tossed. A less
than perfect onion slipped through? Nope – it’s a gonner. A peach doesn’t have that ripe, full aroma?
You’ll never see it in your order.

If you’re a local customer wanting organic delivery in New York, we’ll even be using our own trucks - carrying your package right to your very doorstep. Otherwise, we have UPS make sure your organic home delivery arrives fresh and on-time. But either way – you’re going to be delighted at what you’ll find!

I love the convenience of home delivery. It is always fresh and a nice variety of produce. The company stands behind their product.

Miriam Davinski

A Word About Your Organic Delivery Produce

A number of our customers have asked me why they can’t place particular orders for specific organic fruits or vegetables. Here’s the reason: Everything in nature has its own season. When I choose a week’s selections, every fruit and vegetable that goes into that carton is at the peak of ripeness and nutrition.

This is the only time the customer doesn’t come first with us – Mother Nature takes the lead.

I like knowing that what’s being delivered is certified organic. The produce is always fresh. There is a nice variety so you know you’re getting different produce and not always eating the same stuff. I like the element of surprise when I get my box.

Joel Ross

So What Can You Expect?

Our Family Value Box contains a wide variety of 10 to 15 organic fruits and vegetables, each week different depending on the season and availability. Your package will be loaded with 20 – 25 lbs of the freshest organic produce obtainable. You’ll usually find 3 to 5 kinds of organic fruits, along with 6 to 9 kinds of organic vegetables.

Your family value box is only $64.95 - delivered free right to your door step. Just let us know if you'd like a weekly box of fresh, organic produce delivery – or one organic produce delivery every two weeks.

Hello Mr. Cohen,

I just wanted to confirm that we are getting a delivery for two people (Option 1) every other week, and we will be getting our second delivery this next week.

Best Regards,
Lupita Sebastian


You’re going to find every selection in your organic produce delivery box to be the absolute finest & freshest organic fruit and vegetable varieties available. I’m so certain of this, I’m proud to offer my
no - nonsense guarantee:

If you ever find your organic produce delivery failing to live up to your expectations, if our standards have failed you in any way - let me know. The next two organic produce delivery cartons will be on me – or say the word and I’ll refund DOUBLE your money instead. It’ll be your choice. You have my word on it. Fair enough?


Order today through this website, and get 50% OFF your 5th week organic produce delivery! It’s just a small way for us to say thanks for trusting us with your business.

Ready To Order?

Here’s how… You can easily do everything online. We’ll make sure your organic produce delivery order is filled promptly and correctly.

Or… just give us a toll free call at: 877-218-7662.

Our super-courteous representatives will make sure you’re treated like royalty!

Simply The Best!

I’ll be quite frank. Are we the cheapest organic produce delivery guys in town? No. As in everything else in life, quality simply costs more. But we are the best, and our customers love us for it.

Hello Organic Fruit & Veggie Club,

I’m so happy that you have resumed this service, it’s THE BEST!

Phyllis, Locust Valley, New York

The moment you taste your first bite of our delicious, mouth watering organic fruits and vegetables – you’ll wonder why you ever shopped anywhere else!

To good health and a long life, (Or as my parents always said: L’Chaim!)

Sam Cohen

Sam Cohen

P.S. If you’re ever at a loss of how to prepare your selection – don’t worry! Every organic produce delivery box comes with our delicious recipe suggestions. Not only that, but you’ll also receive our exclusive newsletter with details about what you’re receiving, helpful hints, announcements, plus… contributions from our community of customers and friends. (So if you ever wanted to share that ‘special dish’ with the world – here’s your chance!)


I highly recommend the Organic Fruit and Veggie Club to anyone who is interested in buying organic fruits and veggies. The food is of the highest quality and the in home delivery is a blessing to anyone who works from home. Thank you for the delightful products that you provide.

Miriam Divinsky

Delighted by overall freshness and quality of the produce!

Alvaro Neira

First off, I want to say that I’ve really enjoyed getting your boxes.
It has greatly assisted me in eating healthier and planning my meals

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